Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hey there curly beauties! It's Dawnmarie here. So prom is coming up and I have nothing! Like prom is literally 10 days away. I have absolutely nothing. I did book my hair appointment today though which I'm kind of nervous about. I want to dye it a nice rich burgundy color and then I want to flat iron it and put cute wand curls in it. I think I'm nervous because I'm one of those few people who are very tender headed and I flinch even when someone comes near me with a comb lol. Sadly many hairstylists aren't very gentle and work pretty fast. So I actually have to take pain relievers to soothe my head and scalp a little bit. I'm also a little worried about the whole straightening my hair thing. The last time I straightened my hair professionally was last August. I put keratin in my hair and it looked great I'm not going to even lie. But it damages my hair tremendously and 40% of my curls are kinda weird looking and contorted. Some peices of my hair are wavy and straight and it makes me so upset 😭😭😭. I miss my old luscious curls so bad. So yes I'm actually really scared to have my hair done professionaly. Well I'll let you guys know how that goes. Catch you guys later!

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