Friday, January 29, 2016

hey curly beauties! its Dawnmarie here and this week we've got some special features on todays post. allow me to introduce a couple of curly sues that i love dearly. on the left is my best friend Serena and on the right,  my best friend Alexis. Serena is Jamaican, indian and brazilian. alexis is Nicaraguan and Guyanese. they both use "Garnier Fructis" leave-in conditioner for smooth wet looking curls. I got my idea of featuring them on my blog because they are the epitome of what mixing so may cultures together results in which is ultimate beauty. their diversity in their ethnicities makes them so unique and beyond gorgeous. Alexis ha s quite a few tips to maintaing and achieving shiny bouncy curls. never towel dry your hair it will make it frizz up. always use a cotton t-shirt to dry your curly hair. apply all product thoroughly and evenly so you will have shine all throughout your hair intend just on top of your hair. Serena says to use bait of water and an old toothbrush to smooth away baby hairs for a complete and clean look. catch you next week curl beauties!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello! My name is DawnMarie. I'm everyone's curly haired girl. My blog is dedicated to every POC who has gorgeous curly hair. Here, tips and advice are given as to how to take care of your hair and what simply makes your curls pop. I love to post pictures of curly hair as well as advice from my friends that I happen to post up here. I not only want to embrace the beauty of curly hair but also the different cultures that we all come from. Do share your story with me I'm all ears! I'll give you a little background of myself. I am mixed between black and white. My mother is Czech and Irish and my father is Jamaican. That's a pretty interesting combination but I'm more than certain that there are people with an even more eccentric mixture of ethnicities and I would love you share a picture of you and what your ethnicitiy/mixture is. Have a great day curly beautiesđŸ˜˜