Friday, March 18, 2016

hello guys and gals! so its friday and spring break starts for me at 2:20!!!! so life has been a little less stressful than last week when i thought the world was coming to an end. i started my virtual school class and its a pain but hey i gotta do what i gotta do. my hair has still been neglected in the past few weeks cause i just really haven't cared about my appearance to be honest. I'm just trying to get stuff done. i have had braids, pony tails, buns, clip ups you name it. today i actually wore it half up and half down. so prom is coming up and i have yet to find a dress let alone a hairstyle. up-do or big wand curls????? endless possibilities upon endless possibilities.regardless of anything, this requires my hair to be ironed which i dread doing. one, be cause it fries my hair and two, it takes foreverrrr to iron out. every curly root and every coiled end has to be pin straight. i think I'm going to go with the big wand curl. i know what your thinking. why would i straighten my curly hair to just make it curly again. the answer is that i don't really know why lol. i have been known to complicate my life all the time so this is nothing new. well ill keep you guys and gals post on my decisions. HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

hello curly beauties. my week has been so hectic and just plain chaotic. I'm still in the process of unpacking everything into my new house and boy is it super tiring. my hair has been just completely neglected in the process and it looks horrendous. you know its bad when your friends start to notice that you haven't been really trying to do your hair. so instead of talking about hair today i think I'm gonna talk about just life in general. more particularly my school life because its almost just as crazy as my hair. so school has been pretty hectic lately. with prom coming in less than 2 months and graduation in 3 months I'm soooooo stressed, I'm literally about to pull my hair out. my virtual school is driving me nuts as well. it seems so never ending but honestly, senior year has gone by so quickly like i feel like i was just starting the year back in august. all the testing is so stressful and there is times where i just feel like crying. overwhelmed is an understatement. is there even a word for worse than overwhelmed. I'm not sure. my mind has been everywhere and it seems like i can't focus to save my life. i need like a weekend getaway in Cabo for Christ's sakes. after spring break, its crunch time! oh and i failed trigonometry lololololololololololololol. so I'm currently taking MCR for credit recovery. well curly peoples ill update you on my life next week. toodles!