Friday, February 26, 2016

whats up curly beauties?! sorry i haven't posted in a while these past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. i recently just moved to my new house and I'm loving it. unfortunately my hair has been a little neglected in the process. its been pulled up into ponytails, buns, braids you name it. doing hard labor isn't very easy when you've got all this hair on top of your head. its always flying in your face and you end up catching a few strands in your mouth every 5 minutes. so this week i thought i would show you guys some cute but simple up-do's when your curls aren't so "poppin". these hairstyles are so effortless yet gorgeous. i especially love the 3rd style below, its gotta be my most favorite. also, its actually not good to wash curly hair everyday. i know, you would think the opposite. but shampooing your hair too often leads to dry stringy hair. so limit your shampooing to only 2-3 times a week. conditioning however is great because it revitalizes your hair while giving it ultimate shine and softness. the best brand rouse is hands down Garnier Fructise. hopefully these tips will enhance your curls. catch you later beauties.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Face Behind The Blog

Hey curly beauties its dawnmarie here!  as you all know i myself am a curl sue and i haven't really shown you well, myself. Well hello there! this is the face behind the blog. aren't i glowing?! lol jkjk but i really do look super luminous and and the hair is voluminous. i was actually at the beach in this photo and i love going to the beach. not so much and for the sand surf but the salt wage does wonders to my curls. i feel like it defines each and every individual curl and and gives such volume to it. salt water is kinda like coconut oil. that stuff can fix pretty much everything you can imagine. i use this salt water spray for my hair that does justice to my hair and its literally called Not Your Mother's. another tip from me to all you curlys is to always use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. the wide tooth comb will define your curls and not rip your hair as a brush would do. you can find a great wide tooth comb pretty much in any convenience store, the cheap ones are just as good. for thick hair, try using the paul mitchell styling sleek comb, trust me the $25 is totally worth it. it will save you the hassle of flimsy combs snapping off in your hair which is just straight up horrendous.  well thats all for today my loves. catch you later curly beauties!