Friday, May 6, 2016

Good morning curly beauties! So I have so much to tell you guys early this fine morning. So last weekend was prom and everything turned out fine. I got my dress, my hair done,make up done and my nails done. My bestfriend Alexis actually went to prom with me ash date lol. We were as cute as can be. We slayed prom without a doubt. I want too happy with the way my hair came out because it tends to get very poofy and big when exposed to warmth and humidity and that's Miami for you. But overall, I looked great. We took an uber to prom and this old man, probably in his late 70's early 80's was our driver so automatically, my bestfriend and I were like great we're gonna miss prom because this poor old man is gonna do 5 in a 45. Boy were we wrong. This old guy turned an hour drive into 25, doing 80 in a 45. So we get to prom and I see all my friends looking beautiful and completely transformed, it was an amazing site. Oops, the bell is about to leave for 2nd period so I'll continue my story in my next post. Talk to you then curly peeps.